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Preventing Icing and Freezing of Heavy-Duty Truck Fuel Lines: Best Practices

Preventing Icing and Freezing of Heavy-Duty Truck Fuel Lines: Best Practices

Discover best practices for preventing icing and freezing of heavy-duty truck fuel lines. Understand the causes of frozen fuel lines and the dire consequences it can have on operations, safety, and the bottom line. Explore preventive measures, from anti-gel fuel additives to regular maintenance, and advancements in technology like fuel line heaters and electronic monitoring systems. Learn practical best practices for both drivers and fleet managers, including keeping the fuel tank full, allowing warm-up time, and carrying anti-gel additives. In case of emergencies, find troubleshooting tips and emergency measures to thaw frozen fuel lines. Stay proactive and prepared in the challenging world of heavy-duty trucking during cold winters.

 Differential Gear Ratios in Heavy-Duty Trucks

Understanding Differential Gear Ratios in Heavy-Duty Trucks

Your industry's workhorses, heavy-duty trucks, tackle demanding journeys and loads. In this article, we dive into differential gear ratios' impact, guiding your fleet choice.

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The Latest Kenworth W990 Exhaust Systems: Performance Enhancements and Compliance

Explore the latest Kenworth W990 exhaust systems, optimizing performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions compliance. Learn about advancements, the Kenworth W990 truck, and its environmental impact.

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Avoiding Overlooked Fluid Leaks in Heavy-Duty Truck Repairs

Discover how to avoid costly issues caused by overlooked fluid leaks in heavy-duty truck repairs. Identify, prevent, and address leaks for safer, eco-friendly truck ownership.

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Mistakes to Avoid in Heavy-Duty Truck Axle and Drivetrain Repairs

Learn how to avoid common mistakes in heavy-duty truck axle and drivetrain repairs. Ensure safety, efficiency, and cost-effective maintenance.

Heavy-Duty Truck Electrical Systems

Heavy-Duty Truck Electrical Systems: Troubleshooting And Repair Tips

Truck electrics power all, with unique issues. Our article explores heavy-duty truck systems, offering insights and expert guidance for solutions.

Signs Of Worn Drivetrain Components In Heavy-Duty Trucks

Signs Of Worn Drivetrain Components In Heavy-Duty Trucks And How To Repair Them

Drivetrain issues in heavy-duty trucks explained. Learn about components, identification, and necessary repairs in this article.

Air Brakes in Heavy-Duty Trucks

Understanding Air Brakes in Heavy-Duty Trucks

Discover the inner workings of heavy-duty truck brakes in this informative blog post. Learn about the function of air brakes, their components, advantages over hydraulic brakes, and essential maintenance tips for optimal performance and safety.

Preventive Truck Maintenance

Preventive Truck Maintenance Tips For Winters

Winter is a tough time for truckers, as they must operate their vehicles in extremely cold temperatures and hazardous weather conditions. With this in mind, preventive truck maintenance is critical for ensuring that the truck performs safely and efficiently during the cold months. Here are some tips for winter truck maintenance.

Heavy-Duty Truck Transmission Repair

6 Common Indicators That Your Heavy-Duty Truck Needs Transmission Repair

While heavy-duty trucks are incredibly robust and can handle a lot of wear and tear, they do need regular maintenance and repairs to continue to perform at peak efficiency. One area in particular that needs to be monitored is the transmission. While transmission repairs can be costly, they are essential for keeping your truck running smoothly. Here are six common indicators that your heavy-duty truck needs transmission repair.

6 Tips To Choose the Right Partner for Truck Engine Repair

6 Tips To Choose the Right Partner for Truck Engine Repair

To avoid sacrificing quality and safety for the sake of cost, it's crucial to choose a reputable truck repair and service provider. Many individuals make the mistake of entrusting their trucks to unlicensed technicians, which can lead to poor repairs and further problems down the road. When searching for a trustworthy truck repair shop, consider the following factors

Exhaust And Emission Aftertreatment: Everything You Need To Know

Exhaust And Emission Aftertreatment: Everything You Need To Know

After-treatment systems can be quite complex and, as such, are often overlooked by drivers and fleet managers solely because they don’t understand them. To remedy this issue, we’ve put together a guide with all the information you’ll need to know about your after-treatment system. 

Semi-Truck getting preventive maintenance for winter season.

Common Semi-Truck Winter Issues & How to Prevent Them

Heavy-duty vehicles may appear to be sturdy due to their large size, but they are just as vulnerable as smaller trucks and cars in the winter. By understanding which components are at risk, how to prevent damage, and how to handle it if it does occur, you can be prepared for any potential issue that winter may throw your way.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Right Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Shop

Your heavy-duty truck will have some sort of problem that will require you to get it in for repair. This is where you should seek the assistance of a heavy-duty truck repair shop. You need to be able to narrow down the best shop for you and your truck’s needs. 

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Initial Steps to Take After Sudden Breakdown of Your Heavy-Duty Truck on the Highway

The worst part of having a broken-down truck is getting it serviced or towed. Because not all towing businesses can haul 18-wheelers, you should have on hand a list of heavy-duty roadside or towing companies. 

Ford Super Duty F-350 - Ultimate Overview Guide

Ford Super Duty F-350 - Ultimate Overview Guide

This article will touch on some of the power components of the F-350. But the primary focus is on the newer, less understood features on the F-350.

Signs You Need To Overhaul The Diesel Engine Of Your Pickup Truck

Signs You Need To Overhaul The Diesel Engine Of Your Pickup Truck

Regular maintenance and care are required for diesel engines since minor issues may rapidly escalate to severe damages. Regular maintenance may also help you get more bang for your money by extending the life of your engine.

Kenworth W900L vs. Kenworth T680 Fuel Efficiency

Kenworth W900L vs. Kenworth T680 Fuel Efficiency

When you are looking forward to purchasing a new heavy-duty truck, Kenworth W900L and Kenworth T680 are two of the most prominent options that you’ll come across. While keeping that in mind, you will need to figure out the best option for your specific use. In this article, we will compare the two models to betterhelp you understand the best option.

Truck Transmission Problems

5 Truck Transmission Problems That You Shouldn't Ignore

Your truck's automatic transmission is a critical system that requires appropriate maintenance and attention from you to guarantee long-term performance. Many individuals are unaware that replacing an automatic transmission might be more expensive than replacing an engine. To help you prevent an extensive repair, we’ve put together a list of symptoms that can be used to identify possible transmission problems early. 

How To Choose The Right Shop For Your Truck Diagnostic

Issues With Your Truck Wiring? 5 Tips Of How To Choose The Right Shop For Your Truck Diagnostic

Finding the right truck repair shop might not be an easy thing to do. Here are five tips for you on choosing the right shop to proceed with truck diagnostics.

truck wheel alignment

Truck Wheel Alignment: 3 Most Important Things To Consider

This article covers the three important things to consider when you try to get a wheel alignment done for the pickup truck.