Initial Steps to Take After Sudden Breakdown of Your Heavy-Duty Truck on the Highway

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Your heavy-duty truck breaking down in the middle of the road might be unexpected, whether you are an experienced truck driver who has been operating trucks for years or a novice driver who is still learning the ropes. When your heavy-duty truck or trailer abruptly stops in the middle of the road, it is tense and annoying. The worst part of having a broken-down truck is getting it serviced or towed. Because not all towing businesses can haul 18-wheelers, you should have on hand a list of heavy-duty roadside or towing companies. 

While it’s not possible to ever truly anticipate an emergency breakdown, there are some steps that you can take to better prepare yourself for these situations.  Being prepared and remaining calm can help protect yourself as well as other drivers on the road in the case of an emergency breakdown. Preparedness can also help decrease the damage done, and repair needed, to your heavy-duty truck.  The measures you should follow if your heavy duty-truck breaks down are covered in this blog article.

How to deal with a mechanical issue in your heavy-duty truck

There are many different things that can cause a breakdown of your heavy-duty truck. Things such as a blown tire, heavy smoke coming from the engine or your engine overheating can all cause you to have to pull over on the shoulder of the road. There are several steps that you can follow if you find yourself broken down at the side of the highway. 

You have to be familiar with your route and have a phone app that can assist you in finding the closest repair facility. Additionally, you must have the phone number of a reputable towing business that can provide emergency roadside assistance. In addition to these contacts, there are five actions you should follow if you have a breakdown.

Keep calm

It may be incredibly distressing when your heavy-duty truck breaks down. The environment, including the surrounding traffic and the weather, might add to the stress of the scenario. Thus, maintaining your composure should be your primary priority in this circumstance.

Find a safe place to pull over 

When your truck breaks down, you must decide quickly whether you can continue driving or whether you must stop immediately. If you have more room to maneuver your heavy-duty truck, look for a broad area where you can park it without difficulty. However, if operating the truck is doing more harm, you must stop it as quickly as possible and often times this means pulling over on the shoulder of the road.  The best practice is to pull over to the right shoulder, far enough away from any blind-bends in the road so that you are most visible to other vehicles.

Turn on your hazard lights 

For your safety, and to alert other motorists around you, you must turn on your flashers after stopping on the side of the road.  Doing this will let other motorists know they need to be extra cautious while driving around your vehicle.

Turning on your flashers may make your heavy-duty truck more visible to other drivers and reduce the likelihood of an accident. Therefore, you will be able to relax as the tension of having an accident will lessen.

Be aware of your surroundings

After you've parked your heavy-duty truck, carefully examine your surroundings. Always secure your doors and windows, and in case of an emergency, have 911 saved on your speed dial. When you pay attention to your surroundings, you will be aware of what you are entering and ready to handle any circumstance.

Get in touch with a truck repair shop 

Calling a reputable towing company should be your first move after pulling over your heavy-duty truck. Give them all the information, then wait for them to arrive and assist you. Knowing the best heavy-duty truck repair shop is the right way to avoid a hassle in such a situation. 

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